Are you a mayor or a municipal representative? Revitilize the economy in your region more effectively than with traditional subsidies

I am interested in the Corrency system

The results of Corrency usage have been positive throughout. In Prague 1, the project helped mitigate the effects of rising prices. In Prague 18, through Corrency, they supported the healthy lifestyle of local citizens and directed the contribution mainly to sports and other fitness facilities. The vast majority of citizens of Prague 1 and 18 rated the system as easy and fast, while almost a quarter of the respondents were citizens over 60 years old. The project also met with a positive response from entrepreneurs. Last but not least, the transaction bank, which is Česká spořitelna, considers Corrency to be a smooth and functional system.

Do you care about the economic stability of your location? Do you want to support merchants and citizens at the same time? Use the Currency system for efficient distribution of funds. Citizens decide for you which of their favorite merchants and service providers they will support through their purchases.

Become a leader in your region!

Who can you support?

Merchants and services

Restaurants and catering facilities


Local tourism

Sports clubs and events

Local transporting


The main advantages of applying support through the Corrency system compared to traditional subsidies


Multiplying the resulting income of the merchant/beneficiary with the same amount of support from the point of view of the town hall

The mere participation of the citizen-consumer, for example, 50% - doubles the final income of the merchant/ beneficiary in relation to the means of support provided by the town hall.

Raise awareness of the supported services

Corrency is a powerful marketing tool for reaching new customers from the merchant's point of view. However, widespread support of demand has also a deeper function of raising awareness about socially beneficial activities, which individual direct support for merchants is lacking.

Raising the visibility of the amount of support and merits of the town hall towards each consumer/constituent

The town hall receives a positive response from the public and its constituents by maintaining itself as a supporting authority and at the same time being a good manager.

Increasing the transparency of support

Every citizen/constituent has automatically an overview of to whom and based on what criteria the support is provided as well as the value of the discount that Corrency provides. In the same way, Corrency ensures transparency among merchants/beneficiaries.

Increasing the fairness of support

Every merchant/beneficiary meeting the given criteria has the opportunity to participate. People decide, based on the quality of the goods and service, who specifically receives the most support from the overall budget.

Social aspect

The Corrency support that the citizens in the given region receive, represents a relatively little amount per capita. At the same time, it represents a significant discount (50%) on the purchased goods or provided services. The assumption is that Corrency will be used primarily by socially weaker groups of citizens.




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