Corrents as Crowns in Prague 1
24. 03. 2022

Corrents as Crowns in Prague 1

Following Prague 18, the representatives of the Prague 1 district also decided to join the Corrency project. In the pilot, they will distribute 1,000 Corrents (each) for 2,000 citizens of Prague 1.

In addition to supporting local entrepreneurs, according to representatives of the town hall, this model should also be useful for the district in that it will obtain data on which shops or services are of real interest to local residents.


This can then be used, for example, in the selection of tenants of commercial premises.


District councilor Karel Grabein Procházka said that people will be able to apply to the project online as well as physically, so that the selected 2,000 people best match the demographics of Prague 1.


"We will try to make the sample of people as representative as possible," he said. He added that he will now prepare the exact form of the test project in the coming weeks in cooperation with the solution provider Corrency. According to the plan, it will work in May and June.

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