Help and pay, support with Corrency in numbers
12. 04. 2023

Help and pay, support with Corrency in numbers

Corrency focuses on supporting local traders and entrepreneurs and provides an opportunity for more efficient use of public funds and sustainable regional development.



  • The first municipal district allocated a total of CZK 2 million for the project last year, specifically in the summer. The principle was almost identical to the current one in Prague 14.Each registered citizen received a thousand crowns in the form of electronic corrents. Thanks to them, citizens could apply a fifty percent discount on goods purchased from registered merchants with establishments in Prague 1.
  • "It was a pilot, which means we really wanted to test whether this tool to help entrepreneurs and citizens actually works. It turned out that 99 percent of the time everything worked very well, and it is important for us that we have a tool, a way to use even the financial resources of the municipality in difficult times to help citizens and entrepreneurs," said Karel Grabein Procházka, a councillor of the Prague 1 municipality.
  • In the case of the first municipal district, 1,489 people took part, bringing the total support for traders to CZK 2,196,000. The Corrency project was similarly successful in Prague 18 - Letňany. In this Prague municipality, 955 citizens took part and subsequently put CZK 1,427,000 into the pockets of traders.
  • In the past years, specifically in 2021, the project has also helped local traders in the South Moravian town of Kyjov. The Corrency pilot project was launched here in early spring 2022. 800,000 corrents were redistributed among the 1,574 residents of Kyjov. They could then pay with them in forty Kyjov outlets.
  • Initially, 400 corrents went to each registrant, but then the project was extended by a month and everyone who paid with them at least once got 200 extra corrents for the next month. The pandemic-weakened merchants made just under two million extra corrents just by getting more people to come to them.
  • The total amount of support from local governments to small entrepreneurs and tradesmen reached CZK 4.5 million in the three Corrency projects implemented and duly completed so far. Together, the projects have involved more than four thousand citizens who have carried out more than ten thousand transactions with 213 traders.


- Filip Jaroševský,


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