Prague 18 will support local merchants and citizens
24. 03. 2022

Prague 18 will support local merchants and citizens

The council of the Letňany (Prague 18) area has decided to support its local merchant after the covid pandemic and at the same time motivate its citizens to be active.

Prague 18 council approved the Corrency project. It has the task of supporting entrepreneurs from the municipality after the Covid restrictions.

"We have allocated an amount of one million crowns from the budget of the city district, which will be distributed after the registration of citizens to the system in such a way that each person will have the opportunity to receive a value of 500 Corrents, which is the equivalent of 500 Czech crowns. Thanks to Corrents and their own funds, citizens will be able to buy products and services with a 50% discount from their favorite entrepreneurs, who will also be involved in this project," said Ivan Polák, councilor of the Prague 18 municipal council.

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