The Corrency project in the Kolovraty municipality revived the local economy and strengthened the purchasing power of the citizens. Thanks to the town hall, citizens were able to use the contributions to support local traders and save up to 50% on goods and services.

project results

how was the project reviewed by citizens

Lucie Hrdličková – 1. registered citizen

“I like the project to support small entrepreneurs in the region, it caught my attention. I found out about the project from my friend, the deputy mayor Alena Kohoutová, who worked on the project for Kolovraty. The registration was simple, clear. I managed the registration for the whole family over morning coffee. We use the Corrents in the Vinotéka u zvoničky, where they have delicious delicacies (cheese, fouettés, olives, etc.), then in the facility at Mrs. Jitka's (the inn U Medvěda), where we sometimes go after work for a beer, or even for lunch. I recommended the registration and would recommend it again."

Hana Hašková – 1400th registered citizen

“I am in Corrency because I can be part of a project to revitalize the local economy and support local businesses and entrepreneurs. I found out about Corrency from a friend. The system was great to sign up to. I spend my Corrency with my family at either the Inn at Boud, the Playground Inn or the Chad's shop. I recommended registering to my family, but the project was already at capacity. Then you called to tell me that I was the last participant in this project.”

how was the project reviewed by merchants

Grocery u Chadů

“Increased visitation of customers who came to us only because they needed to spend corrents, otherwise they don't come to us. Disproportionate strain on staff in terms of supply and footfall in the last week. We felt like there was going to be a mobilisation and people were stocking up disproportionately."

PC installation and service Vrubel

“Super project, please repeat! :)”

FitLady Kolovraty


“Good service for local citizens.”

Sokol Kolovraty


"It was a benefit to the citizens..."



word from the mayor

“The idea to join the Corrency project came from Vice-Mayor Kohoutová. The others in the Council liked this idea, because the economic situation of the last few years has not been good for business in our municipality. So I see Corrency as a support for local entrepreneurs, tradesmen, but also for clubs, leisure activities and, last but not least, for the citizens themselves.”

Jonáš Zejfart 
Mayor of Prague–Kolovraty