Pilot project in kyjov

Corrency, in cooperation with Kyjov City Hall, has presented a pilot operation of a unique project to revive the local economy.

project results

how was it received by citizens

how was it reviewed by merchants


"We only had a window open for business, so we were mainly afraid that it would limit us. That we won't have the time to do it. But it actually goes very quickly. We go through the app on the tablet, so that's cool. And surprisingly, everything always worked. I didn't expect that from the pilot."

Simply Burger

"The Corrents helped us a lot. We got into the awareness of Kyjov residents, even outside the borders of the Czech Republic, we had a crew from Prague to film a report for Reuters, and the report was also broadcast in prime time on news outlets around the world."


"It would probably be easier for entrepreneurs to get a one-time package, if only for accounting purposes, but your system is fairer. People themselves decide who needs it, and deserves it from the merchants.


Corrency served a purpose, it helped us and people liked it. So, joyful on all sides."

word from the mayor

"The project in our city helped local merchants to revive their business and at the same time gave people the opportunity to support their favorite services and shops."

František Lukl - Mayor of Kyjov