supporting sporting
And wellness activities in PRAgue 18

The Corrency project supported the healthy lifestyle of citizens in Prague 18. Citizens also used the contribution to try new services and businesses that they had not visited before, which lead to an expansion of the clientele of local merchants.

project results

how was the project received by citizens

how was the project reviewed by merchants

Café Pilates

We like the program, it certainly brought us a lot of new clients and those who already came to us spent more. Everything was quite fast. It was a successful project for us and if I had to rate it, I would give it 9.8 points out of a maximum of 10. We will be happy to participate again next time.

word from the mayor

Our goal is to provide simple and targeted support to Prague 18 citizens and local entrepreneurs. With this project, we are trying to help sports or leisure clubs with an establishment in the territory of Prague 18 and support a healthy lifestyle for our citizens. In addition, we managed to get a subsidy of 50,000 crowns for the project from a grant application, which covers almost all of our operating costs.

Zdeněk Kučera
Mayor of Prague 18