support for local businesses and citizens in prague 14

The Corrency project in Prague 14 to revive the local economy boosted the buying power of citizens. Thanks to the town hall, citizens were able to use the financial aid to support local traders and save up to 50% on goods and services.

project results

how was the project reviewed by citizens

Zbyněk Veselý

“We are voluntarily stifling our small traders and tradesmen, life has disappeared from all the beautiful centres of our towns. Supporting local businesses should be a priority. This project must be just the first step. Its dimension is not only economic but also social."

Pavla Vladyková 

“Since we have 8 year old twins, we'll probably invest in some good shoes or clothes. And if there's anything left over, my husband and I will make ourselves happy, too. We've even been envied by friends for not having anything like this support in their city.”

how was the project reviewed by merchants

Shoes for children

“Thank you for allowing us to be part of the Corrency project. It was a very beneficial project for us. Both we and our customers were satisfied. Everything went smoothly. We would not change anything for us. From the customers' point of view, we noticed that they would have been happy if the project had lasted maybe a month longer."

Café Maňána

“At the beginning we did not have high expectations, but we were eager to participate and we were curious about the course and the result. We were pleasantly surprised by the interest of the residents and the excellent technical support. Everything worked without a single hitch. The PR support was also good.”

Relax studio Kenaz

“Please repeat this project. We had a few customers come in who didn't know about us and also couldn't afford some of the more expensive services. And now they're excited and happy. Thank you very much.”

Salon Natur

“Positive and pleasing was the favourable price of our services for the clients, while maintaining the revenue for the tradesmen.”

word from the mayor

“I think Corrency is the best possible participatory involvement of residents in business subsidy. I can't imagine a more meaningful use of public support funds with simultaneous citizen assistance. If I accept the rhetoric that it is a "waste of money" then I would have to say it is a waste of money in the right direction.”

Jiří Zajac 
Mayor of Prague 14