The Corrency project in the Ostrava-Poruba district supported families with children and local associations and merchants. Thanks to the town hall, citizens could use the contributions to support their children's after-school activities and merchants and save up to 50% on the price of goods or services.

project results


how was the project reviewed by citizens

Kateřina B.

“Thank you for this project, this September with three children we spent an extra 23,000 just for playgroups, after-school clubs, supplies and lunches, so Corrency really helped us. My only regret is that it's only for kids under 15, because clubs and books for a high school student are often borderline employable for us. Still, thank you to the town hall for this event! :)."

Klára D.

“I would like to thank you very much for making this project happen. From the corrents I contributed for shoes for my daughter and for my son, who has sensitive skin with a tendency to atopy, I bought a special Bioderma washing gel at the pharmacy and Oscillococinum for both of them for immunity. I found the post very helpful and thank you again for it.”

how was the project reviewed by merchants


“Thank you very much for this great project, which on the one hand directly supports families with children without any additional obligations and on the other hand also supports small shops in the region. Great idea and excellent execution."

Pharmacy Olympia

“I've already praised it directly to the town hall. Nice move for small business. The PR support has been good too.”

La Botka

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this project, although it meant more administration for us, but everything worked great and fast, with a few exceptions, the balances and amounts to be paid were really prompt. I felt very grateful from the customers for this form of support. Thanks again!”

Just Go Ciciban, Children Shoes

“Thank you for making the project happen, the customers and we were satisfied. It helped us to get new clients.”

word from the mayor

“Corrency is about supporting the local economy and also supporting citizens, or a certain segment of citizens. We were thinking about what target group to tune this project to. In the end, we thought that with the start of the school year, it would be good to focus it on families with children, with the Poruba municipal district contributing 500 crowns per child per family. Of course, it's also a support for local entrepreneurs, the economy, that is, those who didn't have it quite easy in the covid. It's aimed primarily at brick-and-mortar shops. Many of them are also suffering from the fact that people often switch to eshops and electronic shops, so we would like to support those traditional brick-and-mortar shops that are not having it easy at the moment.”

Lucie Baránková Vilamová 
Mayor Ostrava–Poruba