The Corrency project in Prague 14 has revitalized the local economy and strengthened the purchasing power of citizens. Thanks to the town hall, citizens were able to use the finances to support local traders and save up to 50% on goods and services.

Project results


how was the project reviewed by citizens

Kateřina, S.

“Thank you very much for what you do for our children, but there could be less construction in Letňany, it's not the peaceful Letňany that it was when I was a child and that's a shame, I feel like I'm in Wenceslas Square."

Monika, K. 

“Thank you for this project, which we have used for the second time and will be happy to use again in the future if available.”

how was the project reviewed by merchants

Prague Tigers

“Thank you very much for supporting sports in Prague 18. We really appreciate it Prague Tigers"

Judo Club Kidsport

“At the beginning we did not have high expectations, but we were eager to participate and we were curious about the course and the result. We were pleasantly surprised by the interest of the residents and the excellent technical support. Everything worked without a single hitch. The PR support was also good.”

Judo Club Kidsport 

“Any program that allows parents to sign their child up for a club and makes it easier for them to finance is beneficial and we are happy to support such a program so that children can play sports and not be limited by their parents' financial ability.”

Free Dance Studio

“The project is working well, without reservations. Maybe if there was room for more children within the project it would be a big plus.”

word from the mayor

“We are happy to have been able to help families with children and thank all the operators involved for helping us support the citizens of Prague 18.”

Zdeněk Kučera 
Mayor Prague 18